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What is the LIFE-SAVERS Society?
The Life Savers Society is an association of UT Health Northeast friends who, like you, desire to provide excellent health opportunities for tomorrow’s citizens. They ensure that commitment by providing a LIFE LINE for future generations through their estate planning.

How Do I Become a LIFE-SAVERS Member?
Membership in LIFE-SAVERS is open to all individuals who notify us that they have made future provisions to benefit UT Health Northeast.

Membership Planned Gift Options Include:

  • A gift by will or revocable trust
  • A gift that provides life income to the donor or another: a gift annuity, charitable remainder trust or pooled income fund
  • A charitable lead trust
  • Life estate agreement: you give your residence, but live in it for your life time and receive tax deduction
  • Naming UT Health Northeast as owner or beneficiary of a life insurance policy; premiums are tax deductible
  • Qualified Retirement Plans (IRA, 401k, SEP, ESOP) avoids income and estate tax
  • Endowed memorial gift

Primary Benefit of LIFE-SAVERS Membership
Members receive the deep sense of gratification, satisfaction and recognition of being major benefactors to UT Health Northeast’s important mission of “Breathing New Life” into its patients.

Additional Member Benefits
By joining LIFE-SAVERS now, UT Health Northeast can thank you for your gift by providing you with:

  • An invitation to an annual member dinner which honors all members for their commitment to provide a LIFE-LINE for future generations
  • Personal income and estate tax benefits
  • A specially designed lapel pin designating you as a LIFE-SAVER
  • A VIP Card

For more information about becoming a UT Health Northeast Lifesaver, please contact Wayne Archer at or at (903) 877-7735.

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