About Us

Today, with more than 20 outpatient clinics, a hospital, and an Emergency Care Center, UT Health Science Center sees more than 138,500 outpatient visits and more than 3,700 inpatient stays each year.

The rich history of UT Health Science Center goes back to World War II. The site where the Health Science Center stands today was once part of Camp Fannin, an infantry training center which prepared more than 100,000 men a year for combat.

For more information about UT Health Science Center or Camp Fannin, please contact the Office of Public Affairs at 903-877-7075.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

To serve East Texas and beyond through excellent patient care and community health, comprehensive education, and innovative research.

We will be a great institution, unified in common purpose, to benefit human health and to improve quality of life.


I will work every day to improve UT Health Northeast and the job that I do.

Servant Leadership:
I will put the needs of our patients and my co-workers first.

I will respect and appreciate diversity in ideas, people, and cultures.

I will use the resources of UT Health Northeast wisely.

NOTICE: Protected health information is subject to electronic disclosure.