Dr. Barbara Huggins

Adult Health Screenings

October 4, 2007

Adult Health Screenings -  October 4, 2007School is back into full swing. Your children have had their well-child exams and immunizations. Now it's your turn. Dr. Mom tells you why regular check-ups with your doctor can make a difference in living healthy.

Regular well child exams and keeping your child’s immunizations up to date are extremely important. But, how often do adults have regular health screenings and immunizations?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends regular health screenings to help identify potential problems at an early stage when chances for treatment and cure are better. Because some of the immunizations we receive as children do not last a life time, adult immunizations are also recommended.

What immunizations do I need as an adult?
What health screenings do I need?

Establishing a physician/patient relationship and feeling comfortable with your primary care physician is an important step in taking care of your health. Your physician will keep a record of your visits and any problems that you have and will be able to answer your health care questions.

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