Dr. Barbara Huggins

Get the Lead Out

August 30, 2007

Get the Lead Out -  August 30, 2007Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled millions of toys made in China that were contaminated with lead. Many stories have included where lead comes from but they haven't addressed what can happen if your child is exposed. Today, Dr. Mom helps parents to understand why lead can be harmful and what steps they should take to protect their children.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 890,000 US children aged 1-5 years have elevated blood lead levels.

How can my child be exposed to Lead?
Sources of Lead Exposure
Signs and Symptoms of Lead Exposure may include:

Effects of Lead Exposure
Lead exposure, even low levels of exposure, is harmful to children especially in the developmental years. These problems may not be noticeable until a child reaches school age.

The complications of lead exposure may include:

Have your pediatrician or family physician perform a lead screening on your child. The screening involves completing a risk questionnaire and possibly taking a blood sample.

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