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Infant Massage

January 25, 2007

Infant Massage -  January 25, 2007In dealing with colic, many desperate parents have tried every home remedy and some have even used over the counter meds to no avail but there is another option that just might help. Dr. Mom touches on this age old problem.

There is no substitute for a parent's loving touch. Through touch, babies first learn the comfort and security of loving and of being loved. Several studies have shown that massage stimulates nerves, increases blood flow, and strengthens the immune system. Infant massage is also believed to help relieve colic.

The best time to massage your baby is at bath time or bedtime since a massage may help baby fall asleep quickly. Massaging baby whenever he/she is fussy can also help calm baby.

Use these important tips:

A massage method that is demonstrated in the video is the "I Love You" massage. Make a single "I" shaped stroke with your right hand on the left side of baby's belly. Then, make a backward, sideways "L" going from your left to right. Make an upside down "U," going from your left to right. The idea is to follow the direction of the colon and large intestine, and to move clockwise. This may help relieve colic.

Besides helping relieve colic, infant massage has other benefits such as:

Special Thanks to Deborah de Wet, LMT for her expertise in Infant Massage.

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