Dr. Barbara Huggins

Know Before You Mow

July 26, 2007

Know Before You Mow -  July 26, 2007With all the rain and the heat recently, it's been hard to keep the grass under control. In fact, it's probably high time that you mow right now. But beware: there are over 260,000 visits to the Emergency Room every year because of lawn mower related injuries. Don't you be one of them. Dr. Mom has some advice before you rev up the mower.

Summertime and the grass and weeds are growing! Time to get out the lawnmower and get the lawn in ship shape. Many may remember days of mowing the family lawn or lawns in the neighborhood for a little extra spending money. However, this summer job can be a dangerous one for children and adults alike. More than 220,000 people, approximately 16,500 of them children, were treated in doctors' offices, clinic, and emergency rooms for injuries involving a lawn mower.

The most common injuries are deep cuts, broken bones, and amputations fingers, toes, feet, and legs, burns, and eye injuries. Many children receive serious injury or amputations because they were run over by the lawn mower or fall underneath it.

Most injuries can be prevented by following a few simple guidelines:
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