Dr. Barbara Huggins

Stress and the Mid-Day Nap

April 26, 2007

Stress and the Mid-Day Nap -  April 26, 2007You never want to get caught sleeping on the job, but taking time out to rest in the middle of the work day may not be such a bad thing. Dr. Mom tells you why a little kicking back could be good for your heart and your job.

Midday napping can be an important way to recharge in the middle of the day. It can help clear the cobwebs from your brain, and help relieve tired eyes. But even better news is that a recent 6-year study of 23,681 Greek men and women concluded that midday napping leads to a 37% reduction in the risk of dying from a coronary event.

Not getting enough sleep can affect your judgment and decision-making, it can reduce your reaction time, your memory, and your communication skills. Studies show that taking a nap is a great way to increase alertness and reaction times, improve mood, and reduce accidents. Even NASA encourages napping by giving their pilots a planned nap, and found the naps boosted performance by 34% and alertness by 54%.

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