Dr. Barbara Huggins


May 31, 2007

Migraines -  May 31, 2007Twenty eight million people in America suffer from migraine headaches. Although prevention can decrease the frequency and severity of these headaches, these medications may provide an even greater benefit. Dr. Mom explains.

Approximately 28 million American suffer from migraine headaches. If you are one of the 28 million sufferers, you know how painfully debilitating these headaches can be. Recent research in laboratory mice has shown that migraines may also be linked with brain damage. Brain damage can occur when brain cells swell and become starved of oxygen. This type of damage also occurs with strokes and concussions.

Some migraine sufferers experience symptoms before the onset of a migraine, this is called "aura." Experiencing aura may give migraine sufferers time to take medicines that will prevent a full-blown migraine. However, most people experience no aura, not leaving any time for prevention medications. Different types of aura have been described by migraine sufferers.

They include:

Migraines are triggered by a number of things and may be different for each person.

Some known triggers are:

Researchers recommend using medicine for not only relief of pain, but to prevent a migraine. If you suffer with migraine headaches, see your primary care physician. New medications are available to help prevent migraines.

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