Dr. Barbara Huggins

Swimmer’s Ear

July 19, 2007

Swimmer's Ear -  July 19, 2007When cold and flu season is over, many parents breathe a sigh of relief that the risk of ear infections is over too. But a different kind of ear infection lurks in wet ears and it's called swimmer's ear. Dr. Mom has more.

Jumping in the pool, going to the lake, or just running through the backyard sprinkler can sometimes be enough to bring on a painful infection of the outer ear and ear canal called Swimmer's Ear.

Adults and children both can be affected by Swimmer's Ear. Swimmer's ear can cause the ear to itch or become red and inflamed. The ear may also drain pus. The infection is usually very painful, especially when the ear lobe is tugged on, and may cause swelling in the ear or lymph nodes on your neck. A germ called Pseudomonas aeruginosa is common in the environment and may cause Swimmer's Ear.

Preventing Swimmer's Ear:
Treatment for Swimmer's Ear:

If you think you have Swimmer's Ear, see your health care provider.

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