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Underage Drinking

September 13, 2007

Underage Drinking -  September 13, 2007Whether taking that first drink is because of peer pressure or to defy authority, teens often find themselves in trouble - not only because the legal drinking age is 21, but because they may become addicted. Find out how one teen got into trouble but now tells a story of hope. Dr. Mom has more.

Underage drinking is anyone under the age of 21 drinking alcohol. Alcohol is the drug of choice among youth, far exceeding the use of cigarettes and marijuana in this group. When youths drink, they tend to drink intensively, often consuming four to five drinks at one time.

Alcohol affects every part of the body from the brain to the muscles to every internal organ. The teenage brain is still developing and introducing alcohol at this time affects
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Why do teens drink?
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What can parents do?

If you find it difficult to speak to your children about alcohol and drugs, seek the help of school counselors or your health care provider.

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