Dr. Barbara Huggins

Why Diets Don’t Work

December 27, 2007

Why Diets Don't Work -  December 27, 2007Your list of New Year's resolutions might include planning for a vacation, asking for a raise or getting credit card debt paid off, but one thing is for sure - losing weight is usually on there somewhere, just like last year and the year before that. UT Health Center's Dr. Mom explains why losing holiday weight can be a lifetime challenge.

During the holiday season, the average person gains 10-20% of their body weight. It is no wonder that the majority of New Year’s resolutions include losing weight. We head to the nearest bookstore and stroll down the diet section (which is usually located near the cookbook section) and find a myriad of books available to help us lose weight. With so many selections to choose from, which ones really work?

While some diets result in a quick weight loss, studies show that 90% of the people gain back the weight they lose, plus more. Losing weight is a lifestyle change that includes a sensible diet and physical activity. With any weight loss program, start slowly. Weight loss will not happen overnight.

Get up and get moving:
Eat sensibly. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends a healthy diet that:


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