Public Health Lab of East Texas

Influenza Surveillance Testing

Influenza Surveillance Testing : Subtyping by RT-PCR

The Public Health Laboratory of East Texas performs influenza testing as part of the state surveillance program. The testing offered includes the subtyping of influenza viruses by RT-PCR, and can detect Influenza A seasonal and pandemic subtypes, as well as Influenza B.

Specimens submitted for surveillance testing purposes are to be coordinated through local health departments. Testing is offered Monday-Friday, daily.

Please see the link below for determining specimen requirements and submission procedures. Specimens must be accompanied by a completed DSHS G2A form or PHLET submission form. If you are not a current submitter to DSHS, please contact us so that we may establish you as a submitter to prevent testing delays. Specimens will only be received from current submitters.

Please contact PHLET at 903.877.5071 if you have any questions about testing or sample submission.

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