Public Health Lab of East Texas

Quantiferon TB Gold Testing

At the Public Health Laboratory of East Texas, we offer the Quanitferon TB Gold test for the detection of M. tuberculosis that requires a blood draw. Please contact us if you are interested in submitting patient samples for testing as special tubes are required for blood collection.

Important Notice Regarding Quantiferons:

  • To All Quantiferon Clients,

    As many of you know, the Public Health Laboratory was one of the first Texas laboratories to perform Quantiferon testing. We appreciate you choosing to use our laboratory for Quantiferon testing. As part of our commitment to raise awareness about the benefits of IGRA/Quantiferon testing, we strive to keep the test as affordable as possible.

    Due to increasing costs, we have made the decision to adjust our charge for the Quantiferon test. Our new charge will be $75.00. This change will be effective April 01, 2013.

    Thank you for your business. Please call PHLET at 903-877-5071 if you have any questions.

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