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Admission Prerequisites
To be admitted to the Master’s Degree Program in Biotechnology at UT Health Northeast, a student must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology or Chemistry (or a related field) and have completed the following courses:

  • Biochemistry or an equivalent - must have a B or better in the course
Admission Requirements
  • Students must complete the graduate program application for admission into the Biotechnology graduate program.
  • Applicants must submit official transcripts from all universities and colleges attended, including community colleges to the program office.
  • Applicants should have an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, and a 3.0 in their field of study.
    If you do not meet the minimum GPA requirements, it is possible to be admitted on a probationary status. You should contact the program advisor to see if your GRE scores and/or combination of other factors might meet the requirements for admission.
  • General revised GRE scores should be a minimum of 295 (combined verbal and quantitative), with no less than a 150 on the verbal section and no less than 145 on quantitative section.
    You can sign up for the GRE online ( as well as find out about testing centers and dates. If you have already taken the GRE, this site will allow you to request an official copy of your scores. Be sure to have it sent to: UT Health Northeast; DI Code 0578.
  • All Applicants must submit 3 letters of recommendation. These letters should be written by former professors as a means to highlight why you would do well in the Biotechnology graduate program.
  • An applicant whose native language is not English must also present satisfactory scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Applicants need to score at least 550 on the paper-based TOEFL, 213 on the computer based TOEFL, and 80 on the internet-based TOEFL.

How to apply
Complete the graduate application for admission. All application material and official transcripts from each college/university attended should be sent to:

  • Office of Academic Administration, B629
    UT Health Northeast
    11937 US Highway 271
    Tyler, TX 75708

at least 30 days prior to entering. UT Health Northeast will accept credit or recognize degrees only from institutions accredited by one of the regional accrediting bodies.

An applicant for admission to graduate study must either (1) be in the final year of undergraduate work, or (2) hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. An applicant admitted to a graduate program at UT Health Northeast must enroll within one calendar year of admission. Thereafter, the applicant must reapply for admission.

The application process will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Admission and Scholarship Policies for Graduate and Professional Programs, which was adopted by the 77th Session of the Texas Legislature, and which amends Chapter 51 of the Texas Education Code.

Application Fees
A $25 application fee is to be included with the application materials. A fee of $50 must accompany the application of all foreign applicants, except those under university-sponsored exchange programs.

Transfer of Credit
Under certain circumstances, a graduate student may transfer from 6 to 12 semester hours of graduate course work taken at accredited institutions. The student pursuing a master’s degree with thesis may transfer a maximum of 6 semester hours; a student pursuing a master’s Degree without thesis may transfer a maximum of 12 semester hours. To transfer any credit from other institutions, however, the student must submit an official transcript of the courses to be considered and have the approval of the appropriate academic department and academic dean. The work must have been taken not earlier than six years prior to the student’s first graduate enrollment at UT Health Northeast. Moreover, if the student fails to complete work on the graduate degree at UT Health Northeast before the expiration of the six years, the transfer credit will not be applicable toward a degree here. Any course accepted by transfer will carry credit but not grade point value. Moreover, to transfer credit, the student must have earned a grade of B or higher on the course.

For questions about admissions into the Biotechnology program please call our program office at 903-877-7593 or send us an email at

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