West Texas Regional Poison Center at Thomason Hospital

America’s First 24-Hour Bilingual (English/Spanish) Regional Poison Center Certified by American Association of Poison Control Centers

West Texas Regional Poison Center at Thomason Hospital (WTRPC) is located in El Paso and is the only poison center located directly on the entire 2,000 mile U.S.-Mexico border. The WTRPC is nationally recognized for its bilingual and culturally sensitive poison center services and educational programs provided to 1.4 million people in its 36-county West Texas border service region.

In 2004, the WTRPC entered a collaborative partnership with the Southwest Center for Pediatric Environmental Health-Tyler (SWCPEH) to provide 24-hour/365-days bilingual Pharmacist/Nurse Specialists’ call handling of SWCPEH’s Pediatric Environmental Health Reporting Line of 1-888-901-5665. The line is free of charge to the caller and assists people to address environmental concerns.

Additional SWCPEH Partners

Baylor College of Medicine: Environmental Health Section, Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Research Center; Pediatrics Residency Program

SWCPEH has co-sponsored several children’s environmental health conferences in the Texas Medical Center directed by a dynamic and dedicated individual, Dr. Winifred Hamilton. Dr. Hamilton was instrumental in establishing the Environmental Health Houston website ( and participates in a wide range of environmental activities, from local, grass roots advocacy groups to state-of-the-art federally funded research. In addition, SWCPEH has worked with the Baylor Pediatrics Residency program, one of the largest pediatrics residencies in the U.S. Dr. Cherry of SWCPEH has presented Grand Rounds at Baylor and a CNE lecture for the Baylor distance learning network. Dr. Lowry has also presented Grand Rounds. Baylor faculty have developed educational modules in children’s environmental health with support from SWCPEH.