Masters of Science in Environmental Science

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Environmental Science is the study of biological, physical, and chemical products and their effects on our surroundings and our health.

Areas of Specialization
  • Occupational and Environmental Health
  • Water and Land Track

Because of the nature of environmental issues and concerns, students pursuing environmental science education need significant breadth of training among the sciences, as well as an understanding of relevant social considerations. At the same time, students must develop effective skills based on depth of training in a specific area.

Program Highlights
This program offers insight into a developing field where students can combine basic science technologies to design a program for their specific needs. The student is provided with a base of core requirements in the fields of chemistry, biology, geology, toxicology, industrial hygiene and public health. The student can then design a comprehensive elective program to build his or hers in-depth knowledge for specific areas of interest. The program offers both a thesis and non-thesis option and can generally be completed in two years.

The program offers a unique combination of the health and safety expertise of UT Health Northeast (UT Health Northeast) with the basic science expertise of Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU). The masters degree is awarded by SFASU with a certificate from UT Health Northeast. The program is structured for both the full-time student and the non-traditional student with classes offered through interactive distance learning. Students can take classes at either campus.

The focus of the environmental science program is the application of basic science principles to the solving of practical real world environmental health issues. Faculty from both campuses are diverse in their backgrounds and bring a wealth of practical experience to the program. Students range from basic science bachelor students, to healthcare professionals.

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SFA does not offer an online master’s degree in Environmental Science at this time. All students must attend class in person in Tyler of Nacogdoches. Classes are generally scheduled between 9am and 4pm, Monday-Friday.

For further information about the graduate program:

  • Director of the Environmental Science Graduate Program at UT Health Northeast
    Dr. Larry Lowry
    (903) 877-8634
  • Program Coordinator
    Nancy Ojeda (903) 877-8747
For information on admission: