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Cardio Tennis

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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Cardio Tennis - Tuesday, May 29, 2007Tennis is a great sport and a fun form of exercise. Depending on your size, you can burn about 6 to 9 calories a minute playing tennis. That's about 360 to 540 calories an hour. But you can burn even more, and get a cardio workout in the process with Cardio Tennis.

Cardio Tennis is not just for tennis players. The class teaches the fundamentals of serving and returning and the basic strokes, like the backhand and forehand. It's appropriate both for beginners and more experienced players and it doesn't require much equipment.

Cardio Tennis is about fun, movement and fitness. Any tennis player ranging from a beginner to advanced can participate.

The class usually involves:

The class is more about a fitness program than developing great tennis skills. Most classes are setup according to: beginner to advanced beginner; intermediate players with intermediate players etc. The class incorporates basic ground stroke, volley, serving, and overhead drills that are modified to fit the level of player. It really is about moving and getting the heart rate up - the Pro will modify the class to fit their skill level and fitness level. Some basic instruction is given but it is really more about moving and getting the heart pumping.

The equipment you will need is a tennis racquet and good tennis shoes, not running or exercise shoes, because there is not enough ankle or foot support. Most facilities have racquets players can borrow.

Cardio tennis is great for the beginner to the guy who has played for 30 years because it is more about moving than hitting the perfect shot. Some tennis knowledge would be helpful but not required - everyone has to start somewhere.

Local tennis clubs and country clubs may offer cardio-tennis classes. Of course, you can always just head to a public court for a traditional singles or doubles match.

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