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Women's Health Table

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With a wellness focus, you can protect your health and improve your quality of life. By taking a proactive role in getting regular screening examinations, you can prevent problems before they occur. Prevention is the key to living long and living well.

Blood cholesterol test 20 & older first test at age 20 then every 5 years
Blood pressure test 18 & older every two years
Blood sugar test 45 & older every three years
Bone density test menopause women with mobility limitations may need screening earlier
Breast exam 18 & older monthly self exam
yearly by health care provider
Colonoscopy 50 & older every 5-10 years
Fecal blood test 50 & older yearly
Full checkup 18-49 years
50 & older
every 1-3 years
every year
Mammogram 35-39 years
40-49 years
50 & older
baseline test
every 1-2 years
every year
Pap smear 18 & older every 1-3 years
Sigmoidoscopy 50 & older every 5 years
Skin cancer exam 50 & older every 5 years
STD tests sexually active annually or at exposure to an infected or questionable partner
Urine test for diabetes 18 & older every year

NOTICE: Protected health information is subject to electronic disclosure.