UTHCT first institution in the U.S. to install innovative upright digital radiography system

Thursday, October 5, 2006

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler has installed a new upright digital radiography system that delivers a better image and allows x-rays to be viewed just seconds after they are taken, said Ron Jung, director of radiology at UTHSCT.

“We’re the first institution in the United States to have the Konica Minolta Regius 370 System. It is a computed radiography device that doesn’t use imaging plates that have to be removed and scanned to record their digital information,” said Jung, a certified radiologic technologist with an additional certification in magnetic resonance imaging.

“The images are available for the technologist to examine just 16 seconds after they are taken. The technologist can immediately verify that the image is good, and patients don’t have to wait like they did while the x-ray film was developed and examined to make sure the images were clear,” Jung said.

“The Regius 370 allows the Health Center to ‘go digital’ in the radiography area, extending the life of our current x-ray equipment. It’s also improved the productivity of the technologists and decreased the time spent on each x-ray,” he said.

In addition, the Regius 370 is versatile, producing images in a 17-by-17-inch format, as well as in smaller formats down to a 8-by-10-inch image, he said. It can handle up to 210 exposures per hour. The Regius 370 is more flexible and more efficient than other systems, and costs less. Images can be burned onto a CD or sent electronically wherever they need to go.

“The advantages for the patient are that the images are quickly available to the clinicians, and they can manipulate the images for better clarity in areas of concern. In addition, the digital process cuts down on the number of repeat x-rays that have to be taken. These improvements ensure patients receive excellent treatment,” Jung said.

Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA, Inc., is a leading manufacturer and distributor of digital and traditional imaging products for diagnostic use by hospitals, imaging centers, clinics, and private practice physicians.

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