Patient Care Services

Ask any of the thousands of patients who come each year to The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler what they like about us, and you will overwhelmingly hear that it is the quality of care that brought them here.

As the only university medical center in East Texas, UT Health Science Center attracts people not only because of the care they receive but also because of its outstanding physicians and qualified nurses, many of whom have been recruited from renowned treatment centers across the nation.

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Our friendly staff are seeking opportunities to serve you! If any of the services we offer would benefit you, call for an appointment today!

General Information:
(903) 877-7777

Emergency Care Center:
Hwy. 271 @ Hwy. 155

Appointments for New and Existing Patients:
(903) 877-7000

To help us provide you with the the quality of care, there are several things that you will need to do prior to you visit.
  • Bring all of your previously prescribed and over the counter medications with you, (not a list) whether you are still using them or not. Medications are complex. We want to ensure the medications are working for you and improving your health.
  • Bring your current insurance card so that we can verify eligibility and bill the services provided to you correctly.
  • Also, bring your drivers license with a current address listed.
  • Bring your medical records and other pertinent information with you to your appointment, or you can have them faxed or mailed to us, prior to your appointment. Having your previous medical records will help you in your treatment of health care.
  • Please be prepared to make any payment due at time of service.
  • Please report to the clinic 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

Approximately two days before your visit , you will receive a call to remind you of your appointment. If you are unable to make the appointment or need to reschedule, please contact the the New Patient Appointments office at (903) 877-7000.

NOTICE: Protected health information is subject to electronic disclosure.