The Department of Pulmonary Immunology


In response to the surprising rise in tuberculosis during the seven years preceding 1993, the 73rd Texas State Legislature established the Center for Pulmonary and Infectious Disease Control (CPIDC), now Department of Pulmonary Immunology, located on the campus of UT Health Northeast.

The location of the CPIDC, now Department of Pulmonary Immunology, at UT Health Northeast is a natural extension of the latter’s 54+ year history in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, including tuberculosis. While pulmonary diseases in general and infectious diseases associated with the respiratory tract are areas of particular concern for the Department of Pulmonary Immunology, a staff that includes two board-certified infectious disease physicians and a board-certified pulmonologist, who is an acknowledged specialist in tuberculosis, allow the Department of Pulmonary Immunology to extend its expertise into virtually all categories of infections including the so-called "emerging" and "re-emerging" infectious diseases. As an approved segment of a state-supported, academically-based health care organization, the Department of Pulmonary Immunology has responsibilities in clinical medicine, continuing education, and both basic and applied research.

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