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Law & Ethics of Drug Addiction Genetics Research

The Law & Ethics of Drug Addiction Genetics Research ("LEDGER") project is a research study conducted by the Bioethics Program at the UT Health Northeast. The 4-year project was co-funded in May 2007 by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and National Human Genome Research Institute under the regular "Ethical, Legal and Social Implications" program of the National Institutes of Health (R01DA020119).

The primary goal of the LEDGER project is to improve our understanding of the ethical, legal and social implications that may be raised by the use of drug addiction genetic information in criminal justice applications. Also included under the project is an extensive plan to disseminate a variety of study materials and related resources developed through project activities. Our goals and aims are intended to be responsive to the National Institutes of Health’s expressed interest in issues surrounding the use of genetic information in non-health care settings.

T. Howard Stone, JD, LLM serves as the project’s Principal Investigator. Project collaborators represent other U.S. academic health and research centers, including the Hastings Center, Mayo Clinic Foundation, Michigan State University, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, Saint Louis University, Stanford University, University of Louisville and the University of Texas Medical Branch.

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