Project Team

Project Investigators

The LEDGER project team is a multidisciplinary group of professionals who represent a number of academic health and research centers across the U.S. Most members of the project team have previously worked together with other members on studies of similar focus. Project team members and their institutional affiliations include—

T. Howard Stone, JD, LLM, Associate Professor of Bioethics, UT Health Northeast

Ann Boughton, Chief Executive Officer, Twisted Ladder Media

Richard Cloud, MSW, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Louisville

Bruce Gale, MS, Executive Director of the Urban Studies Institute, University of Louisville

Barbara Koenig, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic Foundation

Evelyn (Bernadette) McKinney, JD, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Texas Medical Branch

Karen Maschke, PhD, Associate for Ethics and Science Policy, The Hastings Center

David Solomon, PhD, Professor, Michigan State University

Sara (Sally) Tobin, PhD, MSW, Senior Research Scholar, Stanford University

William True, PhD, MPH, Professor of Community Health, Saint Louis University

Linda Young, MA, Chief Operating Officer, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation

Stephen P. Cherry, Research Associate, UT Health Northeast

Advisory Panel—The LEDGER project will benefit from guidance provided by other experts in fields relevant to our studies; use the navigation button on right to find out more about the Advisory Panel.

NOTICE: Protected health information is subject to electronic disclosure.