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Driving and Parking Offenses

Driving and Parking Offenses


Code 400
Failure to stop at stop sign
Code 401
Failure to yield right-of-way to a vehicle
Code 402
Failure to yield right-of-way to pedestrian in crosswalk
Code 403
Code 404
Unsafe Backing
Code 405
Failure to obey traffic control device
Code 406
Failure to obey directive of police officer
Code 407
Improper start from parked position
Code 408
Illegal turn
Code 409
Leaving the scene of an accident
Code 410
Driving on sidewalks, walkways or over curbs or lawns
Code 411
Driving while license suspended
Code 412
Operating or parking a vehicle on campus while barred
Code 413
Operating a vehicle the wrong way on a one-way street
Code 414
Displaying expired license plate (moving vehicle)
Code 415
Displaying expired state inspection sticker (moving vehicle)
Code 416
No inspection sticker (moving vehicle)
Code 417
Damaging University property
Code 418
No driver’s license/expired driver’s license (moving vehicle)
Code 419
Disturbance with a motor vehicle
Code 420
Improper turn
Code 421
Other moving violations of the Texas Motor Vehicle Laws
Code 422
Parking within fifteen feet of fire hydrant (impound violation)
Code 423
Parking in handicapped area without a handicapped permit (impound violation)
Code 424
Blocking emergency or ambulance entrance (impound violation)
Code 501
Parking in no parking zone (impound violation)
Code 502
Parking in area not designated for decal displayed
Code 503
Parking in loading zone (impound violation)
Code 504
Parking in driveways (impound violation)
Code 505
Obstructing crosswalk (impound violation)
Code 506
Parking not within marked parking space
Code 507
Parking in violation of barricades (impound violation)
Code 508
Leaving vehicle unattended with keys in ignition
Code 509
Parked in backed-in position
Code 510
Overtime parking in time limit zone
Code 511
Double or multiple parking (impound violation)
Code 512
Violation of posted sign(s)
Code 513
Parking on the lawn
Code 514
Parking on the curb or sidewalk
Code 515
Failure to remove decals
Code 516
Improper display of decals
Code 517
Forged or altered decal
Code 518
Parking where prohibited by signs or markings
Code 519
Parking on or along curb not designated for parking
Code 520
Failure of pedestrian to abide by rules governing pedestrians
Code 521
Other non-moving violations of the Texas Motor Vehicle Laws

In addition to the classes of violations referenced in this section, officers of the UT Health Northeast Police Department may issue traffic citations for any violations as defined in the Texas Motor Vehicle Laws.

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