Quality & Patient Safety

Improving Clinical Quality and Saving Lives
UT Health Northeast is dedicated to providing quality patient care and safety. Our goal as a health care team at UT Health Northeast is to help our patients and families become healthier, safer, and more informed consumers of health care. As a member of the health care team, each of our providers continually strives to promote and create a safe environment for our patients.

The mission of UT Health Northeast is to serve East Texas and beyond through excellent patient care and community health, comprehensive education, and innovative research. Our vision - We will be a great institution, unified in common purpose, to benefit human health and to improve quality of life.

We continually look at and evaluate the processes involved in the delivery of patient care or support we provide in order to refine and improve the processes every day. Our leadership model between physicians, administrators and staff enables us to focus on patient safety and quality in a results-oriented way. Physician-led committees and multidisciplinary teams ensure that we are continuously improving.

In the pursuit of quality we are committed to:
  1. Creating a culture of safety
  2. Corresponding healthcare needs with the ability of the hospital or physician
  3. Improving communication between caregivers and transfer of information
  4. Adopting safe practices for specific processes of care
  5. Increasing safe medication use

Patient safety is an important part of the UT Health Northeast culture. Our quality and safety efforts are evidence of the work that is underway, with the health of the patient as the ultimate goal. We are committed to efforts that will deliver the best possible care UT Health Northeast can provide to our patients.

NOTICE: Protected health information is subject to electronic disclosure.