Supply Chain Operations

Purchasing / Purchasing Contracts

Introduction and General Information
UT Health Northeast (UT Health Northeast) is a State of Texas Agency and Institution of Higher Education organized under the Constitution and laws of Texas. UT Health Northeast is one of six health components of the 15 Institution University of Texas System, which is governed by the nine-member UT System Board of Regents appointed by the Governor.

UT Health Northeast employees and volunteers have committed themselves to service, diversity, education, community and innovation-all with the common goal of safeguarding the health of Texas.

Notice to Vendors/Suppliers: Please be reminded that only the President of UT Health Northeast and the Vice President for Finance and Administration are authorized to sign official agreements and contracts.

The Purchasing Department at UT Health Northeast is the only department authorized to issue purchase orders. Any order for goods or services without a valid Purchase Order may adversely impact your company receiving payment for goods and services rendered.

If you have orders for goods and services without valid purchase order numbers please contact Purchasing at 903-877-7792.

Please be advised that purchasing authority of UT Health Northeast is delegated to the Purchasing Department. A purchase order is awarded in compliance with state, federal, or local regulations.

UT Health Northeast’s Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of all supplies, materials, equipment, and services for UT Health Northeast’s Academic, Research, Clinical Areas and Support Areas. Purchasing supports UT Health Northeast by providing an efficient, cost effective system for the acquisition of products and services that represent the “Best Value” for UT Health Northeast, consistent with quality and delivery requirements, and in compliance with applicable state and federal statutes.

Purchasing provides the following services to UT Health Northeast:

  • Procurement of products and services
  • Procurement processing
  • Value Analysis
  • Contract Administration
  • Assists with preparation of specifications
  • Assists with resolution of procurement problems
  • Assists with product sourcing and pricing information
  • Provides training in purchasing policies and procedures
  • Auction Services
  • Administers a program of good faith effort to maximize Opportunities for Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) firms to provide materials, supplies, equipment, and services to UT Health Northeast

Vendor Policy
This Vendor Policy is designed to provide vendors with helpful information about UT Health Northeast’s purchasing processes and how to do business with UT Health Northeast.

Procurement Authority
As a State of Texas Agency of the University of Texas System, UT Health Northeast’s procurement authority is granted and governed by the University of Texas Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations and state and federal statues.

Purchasing is responsible for the procurement of supplies, materials, equipment and services for UT Health Northeast at Tyler. According to state statutes and institutional policy, only Procurement Services is authorized to make commitments to purchase for the institution. UT Health Northeast at Tyler, therefore, assumes no liability for payment of obligations except those incurred by Purchasing.

Bid/Quotation Process
The following outlines minimum requirements for those orders processed on the open market; however, UT Health Northeast may directly place orders for products and services utilizing existing State, Institutional or Cooperative/Consortium Contracts.

$0 to $4,999 Procured from best available source.
$4,999 to $24,999 Informal Bid: Three (3) verbal/fax quotes.
$24,999 or greater Formal Written Bid

Vendor List
Vendors who desire to be added to the State of Texas bidders list should contact the State of Texas Building and Procurement Commission at (512) 463-3459 or visit their website.
It is the policy of UT Health Northeast to maximize the opportunities for Historical Underutilized Business (HUB) firms to provide materials, supplies, equipment, and services needed to support UT Health Northeast. UT Health Northeast is committed to a good faith effort to increase the number and value of business transactions with HUB firms consistent with the state’s functional goal to build a solid foundation for social and economic prosperity. For more information please visit UT Health Northeast’s HUB website.

Bid Openings
All UT Health Northeast bid openings are conducted at 2:30 PM, open to the public, and all bids received are read aloud.

Award of a purchase order will be made to the bidder whose bid represents the best value to UT Health Northeast, and which conforms to specifications, terms, and conditions of the solicitation.

Purchase Order
UT Health Northeast’s Purchase Order is the only authorized method for the purchase of products or services obligating UT Health Northeast for payment.

An official Purchase Order contains, at a minimum, the following:

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Description of the products and/or services being ordered
    Quantity, Price and Extended Price
  • Delivery Address
  • Invoicing Address
  • UT Health Northeast’s Purchase Order Terms & Conditions
  • Authorized Signature

Tax Status
UT Health Northeast, as an agency of the State of Texas, qualifies for exemption from State and Local Sales and Use Taxes pursuant to the provisions of the Texas Limited Sales, Excise, and Use Tax Act.

Invoices should be submitted to UT Health Northeast Accounts Payable Department; 11937 US Highway 271; Tyler, Texas 75708. All invoices should be itemized and include UT Health Northeast’s Purchase Order Number.

In order to receive prompt payment within thirty (30) days of receipt of an invoice, please submit an invoice that includes, at a minimum, the following information:

  • Seller’s mailing and e-mail (if applicable) address
  • Seller’s telephone number
  • Name and telephone number of a person designated to answer questions regarding the invoice
  • UT Health Northeast’s Purchase Order number
  • UT Health Northeast’s full name: “UT Health Northeast”
  • A valid Texas identification number (TIN) issued by the Comptroller of Public Accounts
  • A description of goods and services in sufficient detail to identify the order which relates to the invoice
  • Invoices must agree in all respects with the Purchase Order (i.e., quantity, price, catalog number, etc.)
  • Other relevant information supporting and explaining the payment requested as needed

Failure to submit invoices in accordance with the requirements above may delay payment. All cash discounts offered will be taken if earned. Cash discount will be calculated from date of receipt of properly submitted invoice. UT Health Northeast’s payment terms are 2% 10, NET thirty (30) days.

Any questions concerning invoices should be directed to Accounts Payable at (903) 877-7477.

Loaner and/or Demonstration Equipment
Vendors’ representatives may provide demonstrator or loaner equipment for purposes of exploration/examination only with the approval of Purchasing and/or Value Analysis Committee. A UT Health Northeast Vendor Release form must be completed and signed by both parties prior to any equipment or products being delivered to UT Health Northeast.

Open Records Requests
We ask that all parties conduct their business openly and frankly. As a state institution, our records are a matter of public record. Open records requests must be submitted in writing to the Public Information Officer, 11937 US Hwy 271, Tyler, TX 75708. The email address for the open records request is If you have any questions about open records requests, please contact the Public Information Officer at (903) 877-2838.

Protests and Disputes
In the case of a protest or dispute of an action taken by Purchasing any actual or prospective bidder, offeror, or contractor who is aggrieved in connection with the solicitation or award of a contract may write a letter to the Chief Purchasing Agent outlining any concerns which may exist. Such protests or disputes must be submitted in writing within fourteen (14) calendar days after such aggrieved person knows or should have known of the occurrence of the action which is protested or disputed.

NOTICE: Protected health information is subject to electronic disclosure.