Volunteer Today! You’re an Essential Piece!

An Essential Piece

Isn’t it a wonderful thing that we’re all different? Each of us has strengths and skills to share. And when we link our individual strengths together, we’re invincible.

Most of us have given money to a favorite charity or canned goods to a local food bank. But only a few can say that we have given the ultimate gift - the gift of ourselves. Volunteers do just that, offering their time, their skills, and their compassion to those who most need it. Our volunteers are an essential piece of UT Health Northeast.

Why Volunteer?
Ask any volunteer - and they will tell you not what they give to their volunteer program, but rather what they get from it. The rewards of volunteering are many:

  • Using your unique talents to help others
  • Becoming a member of a special team of caring people
  • Meeting new people and making new friends
  • Growing as a person
  • Learning new skills
  • Giving back to our community
  • And much more!

Who can volunteer? Adults and youth age 14 - 18 years of age
Our volunteers include: retired individuals, couples as well as some that currently still work full time.

Requirements - each of our volunteers give a weekly minimum of four (4) hours of service. There are placements available to meet most individual schedules, abilities and interest.

How do I become a UT Health Northeast volunteer?

  • Complete a volunteer application and criminal history background check form.
  • Complete an interview by phone or in person with the UT Health Northeast Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Complete volunteer mandatory training.
  • Take a TB (tuberculosis) test.

Volunteer Services Applications and Background Check forms

NOTICE: Protected health information is subject to electronic disclosure.