Volunteer Services

Volunteer Q & A

Who volunteers at the University of Texas health Science Center at Tyler?
We welcome caring people of all backgrounds and ages, from high school and college students to older adults. Some volunteers are looking for a first career or a new career. Our volunteers give their time as individuals, as couples, and as groups.

Does it cost to volunteer at UT Health Northeast?
The only cost to you is your time. Uniforms are furnished by the Department of Volunteer Services. Free, designated parking is also available.

How long do volunteers work?
Most of our volunteer shifts are four hours, once weekly. But other service opportunities may have different hours. A complimentary meal is provided with each shift worked. Volunteers may choose short-term projects, be "on-call", or be assigned to a continuing, regular, weekly position.

How do the volunteers make a contribution to the hospital? The Volunteer Council has a grant process available to the hospital departments. Departments may submit a grant request for a worthy cause to the Volunteeer Counci for review. The Volunteer Council funds these request by raising money from book, jewelry, cookie and popcorn fund raisers.

Call us to more about opportunities available.

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