Supporting Your Success!

YOU are important to the Health Science Center at UT Tyler, and we want you to be successful!

How advising works

Every student is assigned an academic advisor within their degree program. Academic advisors are assigned by program administrators  before orientation or the start of their educational program. Academic advisors are assigned based upon faculty/staff availability and student interest.

In addition to their academic advisor, student services staff are always available to give advice and guidance to help ensure that each student receives needed information.

When and why you should schedule advising

Academic advisors play a crucial role in student success, and an initial meeting is essential (i.e., at the beginning of the student’s educational program). Meeting at the beginning of the semester enables the advisor-advisee relationship to develop early on and for clear expectations for progressing towards degree completion. Advising appointments can take place in many different formats (i.e., phone, videoconferencing, in-person).

The Academic Affairs office highly recommends that each student meet prior to the add/drop deadline of each semester with their advisor regarding the courses they are taking as the Registrar’s Office requires an academic advisor approves each advisee’s semester coursework.

The exact content and topic of each session will vary. However, as previously mentioned, review of semesterly coursework is important, specifically as it pertains to degree progress. This may include but is not limited to mapping out coursework for current and future semesters, ensuring enough ordinal to pass/fail credits, support to resources for low grades, and signing necessary paperwork.

For help setting up an academic advising appointment, please call the Student Services office at 903-877-8940 or email .