Agricultural Safety Resources

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Safety in Ag for Youth  | National Clearinghouse

Heat Safety

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Heat Illness Motion Graphic:

Basic Farm Safety Sheets

Available in English.
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These basic farm safety sheets can be printed and used as tailgate trainings or posters for the workplace or classroom.

Right from the Start: Safety Awareness for the Next Generation of Livestock Producers

Available in English
DVD Cost: Free

This DVD and its supplemental materials are devoted to safety around beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, goats, sheep, swine, trailers, and production livestock. Supplemental materials include outlines, PowerPoint presentations, fill-in-the-blank notes, quizzes and a comprehensive exam. Supplemental materials are also available. Right from the Start is ideal for 4-H leaders, Vo Ag teachers and other youth educators.

Click the links below to watch individual chapters of Right from the Start.

Shop Safety Mini Series

Available in English.
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This five-part fact sheet series covers Bench Mounted Power Tool Safety, Power Hand Tool Safety, Shop Load Handling Safety, Torch Safety and Air Compressor Safety. The lessons are a great addition to an agricultural shop class.

Lessons were written by the 2019 CASH Intern, Zac Harris. We honor Zac’s memory by offering this information to make your classroom and/or shop safer.

Livestock Safety for Kids

DVD Cost: Free for a limited time (includes Cattle Handling Safety).

This video is aimed at injury prevention by demonstrating:

  • animal behavior
  • children’s appropriate behavior around animals
  • hygiene

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Cattle Handling Safety

Asbestos Exposure

Available in English.

Cost: FREE for a limited time (includes Livestock Safety for Kids, English, and Spanish).

This video takes research to practice by describing:

  • animal behavior
  • corral design
  • working facilities

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Pesticide/Chemical Look-A-Like Display Construction Instructions

Available in English.

This concise document describes how to build your own pesticide/chemical look-a-like display for educational presentations.

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Ag Jobs Poster & Ag Employers Poster

Available in English.

Encourage the next generation to consider Jobs in Agriculture with these posters listing potential careers and employers.

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