Biotechnology Graduate Assistantship

Biotechnology Graduate Assistantships

The Graduate Program in Biotechnology at The University of Texas at Tyler Health Science Center (HSC) has a limited number of graduate assistantships for students in the Master’s Program in Biotechnology. Assistantship awards are in the amount of $12,600 per year paid in 24 installments.

In order to be considered for an assistantship, a student must:

  1. Be pursuing a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology at UT Health.
  2. Have completed all prerequisite requirements.
  3. Be admitted to the UT Health graduate degree program in Biotechnology (clear or provisional admission as defined in HSC Graduate Bulletin).
  4. Be enrolled at least as a full-time graduate student (9 hours of graduate course work in the fall or spring semesters or be conducting thesis research as their primary activity).
  5. Agree to be a teaching assistant for at least one course, each fall and spring semester.

For second year assistantships, the student also must:

  1. Have satisfactorily completed a minimum of eighteen hours the first year.
  2. Have selected a major advisor at UT Health.
  3. Have submitted their thesis proposal.
  4. Have submitted an approved degree plan.
  5. Have applied for admission to candidacy.
  6. Be enrolled in BIOT 6331 – Thesis Research and be conducting active thesis research (at least 20 hours per week).

The decision to award an assistantship will be determined by a committee made up of the Chair of the Cellular and Molecular Biology department, the Director of the UT Health Biotechnology Graduate Program, at least one other UT Health faculty member in the program, and a non-faculty UT Health employee.  The committee’s decision will be based on a composite evaluation of the student’s application, qualifications and the availability of funds.

  • If awarded, the student must maintain full time status during each semester of the award and must not be on scholastic probation. Failure to meet either of these conditions may result in termination of the assistantship the following semester.

While students can apply for both an Assistantship and a Scholarship award, they may not necessarily receive both awards concurrently during the course of any semester. This decision will be made by the Award Committee based largely on the availability of funds and number of applicants.

To submit a request for a graduate assistantship, the student should send; (1) a cover letter stating their request, (2) a completed Application for Financial Award, (3) their college transcripts, and (4) three letters of recommendation to:

Program Coordinator

Biotechnology Graduate Program

The University of Texas at Tyler Health Science Center

11937 US Highway 271

Tyler, TX  75708

Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Phone:  903-877-7593

FAX:    903-877-7440