RHP Plan & Stakeholder Resources

RHP Plan Each Regional Healthcare Partnership must have one anchoring entity to convene stakeholders, guide the development of the RHP plan, and report on the progress of the entire region to HHSC and CMS. UT Health Science Center serves as the anchor for 28 counties that make up Region 1. This includes: Anderson Bowie Camp […]

Regional Collaborative

What is a Learning Collaborative? A Learning Collaborative helps multiple provider teams implement the Model for Improvement. The Change Package on our improvement topic includes proven best practices for us to try out in our settings. The methodology for change, or the Model for Improvement including the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) Cycle, gives us the structure and […]


DSRIP Protocols RHP 1 stakeholders are encouraged to review the helpful links and documents below to learn more about the 1115 Waiver and access most recent Waiver-related materials. The following updated document was made available by HHSC on 6/5/14: DSRIP Protocols Individual sections can be viewed by downloading the PDFs below: Standard Terms and Conditions […]

Northeast Texas Regional Healthcare Partnership

1115 Waiver In December 2011, Texas received approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for a waiver that allows the state to expand Medicaid managed care while preserving hospital funding, provide incentive payments for healthcare improvements, and direct more funding to hospitals that serve large numbers of uninsured patients. How Funds are […]

NETRHP News & Updates

October 1, 2020 Materials from RHP 1 Learning Collaborative – September 8, 2020 Materials from the meeting can be downloaded using these links. Agenda Slide Presentation Attendance Record Question & Answer Log Alternative Payment Models – UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Texas August 27, 2020 Materials from RHP 1 Learning Collaborative – April 22, 2020 Materials […]

Learning Collaborative

The RHP 1 Learning Collaborative seeks to achieve regional impact through shared learning, community engagement, and celebrations of success.   We believe there can be great benefit to the region at large when stakeholders come together in activities designed to foster collaboration and dialogue geared toward learning and continuous quality improvement. Region 1’s Learning Collaborative is […]


4/5/2013: Regional Health Plan (Full Plan – Submitted to CMS) Previous Versions 3/6/2013: Regional Health Plan (Full Plan – DRAFT for Verification) 12/28/2012: Regional Health Plan (Full Plan) 12/17/2012: Regional Health Plan (Full Plan) 12/17/2012: Summary of Public Comment 11/16/2012: Regional Health Plan (Pass 1) 11/16/2012: Summary of Public Comment Public Meetings Public Meeting – […]