Monthly Safety Blast – Healthy Harvest

When it comes to the fall harvest, there is a lot to be done. A sense of urgency can lead to more injuries and incidents. This month’s article includes 6 tips to keep family and workers safe on the farm. Pre-planning for harvest season is especially paramount when it comes to preventing life-altering incidents. Step … Read more

Monthly Safety Blasts – Hearing Loss

Did you know that hearing loss is permanent? Working in an agriculture, forestry, or fishing can be noisy! Extended exposure to machinery, equipment, and even some animals can lead to hearing loss.  Check out the image below to see how loud is too loud Cost-Effective Ways To Prevent Hearing Loss Wear hearing protection and provide it … Read more

Monthly Safety Blasts – Tractor Safety

  Of all agricultural work-related hazards, tractors are involved in the highest number of fatalities with tractor overturns accounting for 130 deaths each year. A very high percentage of these incidents could have been prevented if the operator was wearing a standard seat belt and the tractor was equipped with a roll-bar or Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS). … Read more

Monthly Safety Blast – Slips, Trips, & Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are a leading cause of workplace injuries and many of these incidents can be prevented with proper training, good housekeeping, and a careful eye. Farmers and ranchers have a high risk of slips, trips, and falls due to the various working surfaces in agricultural settings. Working conditions in the southern United … Read more

Monthly Safety Blasts – Avian Flu Update

The following resources and in the links below address the current Avian Influenza outbreak. These materials have been prepared and reviewed by safety and health experts and are designed to assist your facility with: increasing your understanding of the avian influenza virus and how it is spread; training workers in prevention methods and how to recognize symptoms; improving biosecurity; identifying infected … Read more

Monthly Safety Blast – Heat Safety

If you employ workers on your agricultural, logging, or fishing operation, then you have most likely encountered the ongoing labor shortage that is taking place in the U.S. Perhaps now more than ever, it is important to incorporate safety into the workplace in order to keep the workers that you do have, safe and healthy. Every … Read more

Monthly Safety Blast – Stress Assistance for AgFF

Those in the agriculture, forestry, and commercial fishing (AgFF) industries face increasingly high levels of stress daily brought on by demanding workloads, long hours, weather changes, price increases, market fluctuations, trade agreements, labor shortages, isolation, lack of resources…the list goes on. Chronic stress impacts one’s ability to think clearly and make rational decisions. Stress hormones … Read more