Commercial Fishing Safety

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Dairy Worker Safety

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You may have already known that a poorly maintained piece of equipment can result in an unsafe work environment. It can also lead to an increased risk of injury or fatality. Preventative maintenance is an important component of owning equipment and machinery. But did you know that the way machinery is repaired is important too? … Read more

Critter & Plant Safety

Thistle Make You Sick Field Guide Available in English and Spanish. Cost: Free in limited quantities; free PDF downloads. This resource describes the most poisonous plants in the Southwest United States. It also offers recommendations to reduce exposure and poisonings in people and livestock. Contact Shelbie Lambert at or by phone at 903-877-1440 to … Read more

Pesticide and Chemical Safety Resources

Fact Sheets, Guides, Articles Children and Dairy Chemicals: Commonly Asked Questions Head to Toe Protection: Pesticides Non-Acute Pesticide Exposure & Child Health Chemical Pesticides and Human Health Pesticide Exposure and Child Neurodevelopment Why Do They Do That? Farmers Applying Chemicals Sharable Resources Posters Training Guide Webinars Anhydrous Ammonia Safety for Farmworkers Reducing the Risk of … Read more

Respiratory Health Resources

Fact Sheets and Guides Choosing the Right Respirator Part 1 Choosing the Right Respirator Part 2 Gas Monitors for Agriculture Knowing the Difference: Fit Test vs. User Seal Check Manure Storage Pit Dangers: Identifying Hazardous Gases Farmers and Asbestos NIOSH eNews | Lung Inflammation in Poultry Farm Workers Linked to Dust Bacteria Sharable Resources Social … Read more

Machinery Safety

Roll Over Protection Systems The tractor is the leading cause of death on the farm. ROPS are 99% effective in preventing injury or death in the event of an overturn with a seatbelt. ROPS Rebate Program | Sign Up Here for the Waitlist or to Learn More 10 Steps For Essential Tractor Safety Fact Sheets, … Read more

Livestock Handling

Fact Sheets, Guides, Articles Disease from Select Zoonotic Agents Protecting Workers from Livestock and Poultry Wastewater and Sludge During and After Floods Zoonotic Disease in Agriculture Right from the Start | Livestock Handling Training Supplemental Materials Video Series Sharable Resources Zoonotic Disease Poster Livestock Handling Posters Needlestick Prevention Poster Chute Safety Poster Webinars Farm and … Read more

Heat Safety Resources

  Fact Sheets, Guides, Articles Heat Illness Guide Heat Stress Acclimatization Heat-Related Death 2004-2018 Types of Heat Illness Heat Safety Tool App Sharable Resources Poster Training Guide Webinars Invest in Your Health: Stay Cool! Prevention of Heat Related Illness in Agriculture Practical Solutions for Heat-Related Illness Prevention for Agriculture Video Resources Heat Illness Video Series … Read more