Monthly Safety Blasts – Avian Flu Update

The following resources and in the links below address the current Avian Influenza outbreak. These materials have been prepared and reviewed by safety and health experts and are designed to assist your facility with: increasing your understanding of the avian influenza virus and how it is spread; training workers in prevention methods and how to recognize symptoms; improving biosecurity; identifying infected … Read more

Monthly Safety Blast – Heat Safety

If you employ workers on your agricultural, logging, or fishing operation, then you have most likely encountered the ongoing labor shortage that is taking place in the U.S. Perhaps now more than ever, it is important to incorporate safety into the workplace in order to keep the workers that you do have, safe and healthy. Every … Read more

Home Safe Home Video Series

People living and working in agricultural settings provide food and fiber for an entire country.  This lifestyle provides open spaces, idyllic settings, fresh air, and daily communion with nature. Unfortunately, agricultural worksites also include hazards including large machinery and unpredictable livestock. We often hear producers say, “it won’t happen to me.” However, injuries  happen far … Read more

Monthly Safety Blast – Stress Assistance for AgFF

Those in the agriculture, forestry, and commercial fishing (AgFF) industries face increasingly high levels of stress daily brought on by demanding workloads, long hours, weather changes, price increases, market fluctuations, trade agreements, labor shortages, isolation, lack of resources…the list goes on. Chronic stress impacts one’s ability to think clearly and make rational decisions. Stress hormones … Read more

Dairy Worker Safety

Safety Resources Articles by Topics Training Guides Bilingual Dairy Farm Safety Portal Training Guide PDF Safety Reference Manual PDF Training Courses Bilingual Dairy Safety Curriculum w/ Videos Videos Link to YouTube Channel List

Critters & Plants

Thistle Make You Sick Field Guide Available in English and Spanish. Cost: Free in limited quantities; free PDF downloads. This resource describes the most poisonous plants in the Southwest United States. It also offers recommendations to reduce exposure and poisonings in people and livestock. Contact Shelbie Lambert at or by phone at 903-877-1440 to … Read more