Center for Clinical Research – Overview


Our mission at The Center for Clinical Research (CCR) at The University of Texas at Tyler Health Science Center (HSC) is to provide high-quality, cost- effective clinical research services to our patients so tomorrow’s medicine can reach our patients as soon as possible.


As the premier academic medical center in East Texas, HSC has been home to the Center for Clinical Research since it was developed in 1998. Through the years, groundbreaking medical research and clinical trials at HSC have resulted in successful new drugs, new devices and new protocols for treating patients in a variety of medical disciplines.

Our research involves human participants and their data, which is kept strictly confidential in line with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) regulations. Known for the most lung-related clinical research than anywhere else in the nation, HSC conducts robust clinical trials today in several medical disciplines with planned expansion into others. HSC’s Center for Clinical Research has extended cutting-edge treatments to participants in northeast Texas that resulted in groundbreaking research to improve the quality of care.


Our well-established, broad based, multi-disciplinary clinical research involves new drugs, devices and therapies led by our physician-scientists. Through our clinical research studies and trials, our research participants help us improve the quality of healthcare now and for generations to come. Fighting diseases and restoring patients to healthy living is our primary goal.

Who we are

The Center for Clinical Research (CCR) is a team of highly experienced clinical researchers who support clinical trials and are devoted to the needs and protection of all those participating in or conducting clinical research. While maintaining high ethical standards and compliance with all regulatory policies, CCR provides high-quality, efficient infrastructure and support for all aspects of clinical research. CCR provides streamlined applications and administrative processes while providing excellent service to participants, investigators and study sponsors.

Meet the Clinical Research Team

What we do

The Center for Clinical Research supports all clinical trials through regulatory oversight of research studies. Services include:

• Submission, activation and management of clinical trials
• Education of research staff on clinical research
• Auditing and monitoring of active clinical trials
• Assurance of regulatory compliance of new drug studies
• Financial management of protocols
• Data safety and monitoring


Clinical Research Trials


Center for Clinical Research
Debbie Fielder, Director