Compliance & Ethics

Report resident duty hours in excess of ACGME requirements:
Phone: 877-507-7316

Maximum duty hours per week:
80 hours averaged over 4 weeks

Maximum in-hospital on-call frequency:
PGY-2 and above: 28 hours (admitting patients for up to 24 hours, plus 4 remaining hours for transition and educational activities); PGY-1: 16 hours

PGY-2 residents and above must be scheduled for in-house call no more frequently than every third night (when averaged over a four-week period).

Maximum time off between scheduled duty periods:
PGY-1 should have 10 hours, must have 8 hours; intermediate-level should have 10 hours; must have 8 hours. Must have 14 hours after 24 hours on in-house duty; final years: exceptions made by RRC

Maximum frequency of in-hospital night float:
6 consecutive nights

Mandatory time off duty:
4 days off per month; 1 day (24 hours) off per week, averaged over 4 weeks

Please email the Compliance office () if any concerns. All emails are treated confidentially.