Compliance & Ethics

Report resident duty hours in excess of ACGME requirements:
Phone: 903-877-7323

Maximum Hours of Clinical and Educational Work per Week:
80 hours averaged over 4 weeks, inclusive of all in-house clinical and educational activities, clinical work done from home, and all moonlighting.

Maximum in-hospital on-call frequency:
Residents must be scheduled for in-house call no more frequently than every third night (when averaged over a four-week period).

At-home call:
Time spent on patient care activities by residents on at-home call must count toward the 80-hour maximum weekly limit. Frequency of at-home call is not subject to the every third night limitation, but must satisfy the requirement for one day in seven free of clinical work and education, when averaged over four weeks.

Mandatory Time Free of Clinical Work and Education:
Should have eight hours off between scheduled clinical work and education periods.
Must have at least 14 hours free of clinical work and education after 24 hours of in-house call.

Maximum frequency of in-hospital night float:
Night float must occur within the context of the 80-hour and one day-off-in seven requirements.
The maximum number of consecutive weeks of night float, and maximum number of months of night float per year may be further specified by the Program Specific Requirements.

Mandatory time off duty:
Must be scheduled for a minimum of one day in seven free of clinical work and required education (when averaged over four weeks). At-home call cannot be assigned on these free days.

Please email the Compliance office () if any concerns. All emails are treated confidentially.