Jeremiah Duncan, DO

Jeremiah Duncan, DO

Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
General Psychiatry

Hometown: Roebuck, South Carolina

What I like most about UTHSCT:

We have a good work-life balance. After four years of medical school it was a welcome and appreciated opportunity to give more attention to my family and friends. I also love my co-residents, and I’m so glad to have them as colleagues and friends.

Professional Interests:

Therapy; Forensic Evaluation; Criminal Justice population; personality disorders


I love gardening and East Texas is a great climate to grow a beautiful garden. My only complaint is the moles and gophers! I also enjoy hiking with my partner and two dogs, and Tyler is a gateway to some great hiking and camping opportunities with multiple beautiful parks within 3-4 hours driving distance. Tyler State Park is also great, and I frequently do a short hike there on the weekends.