Family Medicine Athens Residency Curriculum

Our residents participate in 13 four-week rotations each year. Except when noted, the rotation will be in Athens, Texas. Since Family Physicians are generalists and rarely, after graduation, see three patients in a row with the same clinical problem and rarely will the patient just have one problem, the resident curriculum will reflect the real world and several of the rotations are combined experiences. The third year has a 4-month block of Family Medicine when the resident will put it all together. We want you to succeed, so we give you opportunity to practice.


Four-week Rotations

Inpatient medicine 5
Surgery 1
Obstetrics/Gynecology/Pediatrics 3
Emergency Medicine 2
ICU – UT Health Tyler 1
Psychiatry – UT Health North Campus Tyler 1



Four-week Rotations

Inpatient medicine 2
Obstetrics/Gynecology/Pediatrics 3
Pediatrics – UT Health Tyler 1
Orthopedics 1
ENT 1/2
Urology 1/2
Family Medicine Clinic 1
Geriatrics 1
Sports Medicine 1
Elective 1



Four-week Rotations

Cardiology 1
Neurology 1/2
Ophthalmology 1/2
Gastroenterology 1
Pulmonary – UT Health Tyler 1/2
Infectious Disease – UT Health Tyler 1/2
Hematology Oncology 1/2
Pain Management 1/2
Emergency Room 1
Family Medicine Practice 4
Elective 3