Family Medicine Tyler Residency Curriculum

Our residents rotate through 13 four-week blocks across the three largest hospitals in Tyler. With over 1,000 combined patient beds, the variety in clinical pathology is truly all-encompassing.

Come and enjoy a strong didactic experience at a university-based institution. Each Wednesday afternoon residents enjoy protected instruction time where they learn from specialists in nearly every field. Highlights include a monthly journal club, the latest discoveries and guidelines in health care, practice management skills, board review sessions, extensive procedural simulations and so much more.



Inpatient 8 weeks
Pediatrics Inpatient 4 weeks
Obstetrics 8 weeks
Cardiology 4 weeks
Night Float 4 weeks
Surgery I [general] 4 weeks
Surgery II [trauma] 4 weeks
Sports Medicine/Radiology 4 weeks
Psychiatry 2 weeks
Pain Management 2 weeks
Gastroenterology 2 weeks
Practice of Medicine 2 weeks
ENT 2 weeks
Endocrinology 2 weeks




Inpatient 8 weeks
Emergency Medicine 4 weeks
Ambulatory Medicine 4 weeks
Pediatrics Inpatient 4 weeks
Pediatrics Outpatient 4 weeks
Obstetrics 4 weeks
Orthopedics 4 weeks
Care of the Older Adult 4 weeks
Rural Family Medicine 4 weeks
ICU 2 weeks
Research 2 weeks
Elective 8 weeks




Inpatient 8 weeks
Ambulatory Medicine 4 weeks
Pediatrics 4 weeks
Gynecology 4 weeks
Third-Year Preceptor 2 weeks
Ophthalmology 2 weeks
Neurology 4 weeks
Community Medicine 4 weeks
Rheumatology 2 weeks
Urology 2 weeks
Elective 16 weeks