Psychiatry Residency Welcome

Hi there!  We are ecstatic that you are interested in learning about, and possibly joining, the University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, Psychiatry Residency program.

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Our program started as a division of Internal Medicine in 2014.  We quickly increased our faculty complement and became our own Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in September 2017.  We accepted out first class of residents in July 2017, second class in July 2018.  Our third class of residents began in July 2019.  We reached full complement of residents with our fourth class of residents starting in July of 2020.

There are many aspects to developing, and delivering, world class care and medical education.  We strive to integrate training that encourages a healthy work-life balance with an ongoing commitment to optimizing the resident’s experience.

We are partnered with two psychiatric state hospitals- Rusk State Hospital and Terrell State Hospital. Our residents rotate on their acute inpatient, child & adolescent, geriatric and forensic units.  We also have a partnership with Cenikor Foundation substance abuse rehab/treatment center for the residents to gain the experience of dealing with the day to day struggles of individuals with dependency issues.

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler is part of a larger healthcare network, UT Health East Texas, which encompasses ten facilities across the East Texas region.  We provide exceptional opportunities to rotate with a diverse collection of supervisors in a myriad of locations.  Our Rural Psychiatry program in Pittsburg will spend part of their training with the program in Tyler.

Taking exceptional individuals and creating phenomenal practitioners of psychiatry is our main goal.  In our Program you will learn that psychiatry is more than just understanding the complexities of psychopharmacology, but also being aware of one’s own biases, strengths, weaknesses and appreciating how the ambiguities of human interaction help us to develop the mindset necessary to make lasting change in the lives of our patients.

Finally, Tyler, Texas, is a beautiful city with a small-town feel, but all the amenities you would expect in a medium size metropolitan area.  The people are friendly and there is a feeling of safety when you are out and about.  Tyler is known for its prize-winning roses and natural foliage.  The State Park and various hiking and biking trails throughout the city are magnificent for those who enjoy the outdoors.  Plenty of good eating at a wide range of restaurants makes the foodies happy as well.

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