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shafer-e1452195537371-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveYour Metabolism
Realistic Explanation for Weight Gain?
David R. Shafer, MD

bratcher-e1452030184965-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveTestosterone
The Truth About Low-T
Christina Bratcher, MD

hyman-e1452192149431-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveSugar & Cancer
Does One Fuel the Other?
William J. Hyman, MD

Kuruvilla-Sarah-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveConjunctivitis
Putting a Lid on Pink Eye
Sarah Kuruvilla, MD

Wortz-Kathryn-PhD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveSeasonal Affective Disorder
The Low-Down Winter Blues
Kathryn Wortz, PhD

Pippin-Philip-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCholesterol Numbers
What They Mean & Why They Matter
Philip Pippin, MD

Tran-My-Huyen-Mary-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveBronchitis
Symptoms, Causes, Treatments
My-Huyen Mary Tran, MD

Andreone_David_phys_prof1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveFoot Pain
The Steps to Relief
David Andreone, DPM

Clem-Joanna-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveChildren & the Flu
Calling the Shots
Joanna Clem, MD

LWPB0521_Low_Sarah_CROPPED_EDITED_with_Background_SQUARE_jj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveMenopause
There Is Treatment
Sarah B. Low, MD

stringer-e1452195781502-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveChest Pain & The Emergency Room
To Go or Not to Go?
Joshua Stringer, MD

Levin-Jeffrey-300x300-LWPB6796_pp_jj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAsbestos
Still a Health Risk?
Jeffrey L. Levin, MD

DrAndrewRoberts-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveProstate Problems
Prostate Treatments
Andrew Roberts, MD

LWPB8002_Cade_Angela_CROPPED_EDITED_with_background_SQUAREjj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveGout
Pain You Can Live Without
Angela Cade, MD

Davis-Kent-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAlzheimer's Disease
Am I At Risk?
Kent M. Davis, MD

Dr_Shannon_Glass-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveMammography
The Latest Technology
Shannon Glass, MD

UTHSC_DRBUTTRAM_045_SQUARED-2-EDITED_jj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAllergy Myths
Nothing to Sneeze At
Jonathan W. Buttram, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveAdult ADHD
Is it Real?

Nwaigwe-Ebube-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveChronic Constipation
Causes & Treatments
Ebube Nwaigwe, MD

Gerald-Brown-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAdvanced Practice Providers
Their Growing Role
Gerald Brown, PA-C

 HealthConnection ArchiveMeasles & Mumps
Still a Problem?

Mills-Monique-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveMeasles & Mumps
Still a Problem?
Monique R. Mills, MD

powell1-e1452195154756-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveStrep Throat
It's Not Just for Kids
Christine A. Powell, MD

Shahid-Kamran-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveImmunotherapy
A New Weapon in the Fight Against Cancer
Kamran Shahid, MD

DrHishaamIsmael-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePancreatic Surgery
New Hope?
Hishaam Ismael, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveBotox & Juvederm
Looking Younger Has Never Been Easier

daya-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHeart Disease
The Genetics Behind It
Sam K. Daya, MD

Andreone_David_phys_prof1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePreventable Foot Problems
Putting Your Best Feet Forward
David Andreone, DPM

wallace-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveSuper Bugs
Evolving & Nasty
Richard J. Wallace Jr., MD

shafer-e1452195537371-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHealthy New Year
A Happier New You
David R. Shafer, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveUT Health Science Center & M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
A New Partnership

goulden-e1452111150891-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHigh Blood Pressure
The Silent Killer
Dudley D. Goulden III, MD

Xantus-Arunditi-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePTSD
A World of Stress
Arunditi Xantus, MD

bratcher-e1452030184965-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHormone Replacement Therapy
A Balancing Act
Christina Bratcher, MD

DrAndrewRoberts-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveThe Prostate
When Bigger Isn't Better
Andrew Roberts, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveHealth Education
Toward a Healthier Population

 HealthConnection ArchiveLifestyle & Looks
Facing the Facts

Wells-Don-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDense Breast Tissue
Breakthrough Diagnostic Technology
Charles D. Wells Jr., MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveCommunity Health
How Healthy Are We?

wallace-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveMosquito-Borne Illness
The Zika Virus & More
Richard J. Wallace Jr., MD

stocks-1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveElectronic Gadgets
The Dark Side
James M. Stocks, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveFemale Viagra
Much Ado About Nothing? Or Worse?

Swan-Amy-DO-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePalliative Care vs. Hospice
How Do They Differ?
Amy Swan, DO

daya-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCongestive Heart Failure
More Common & More Serious Than You Think
Sam K. Daya, MD

philley-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveMycobacterial Lung Infection
A Big Name for a Serious Problem
Julie V. Philley, MD

hyman-e1452192149431-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCuring Cancer
Dreaming or Doable?
William J. Hyman, MD

Andreone_David_phys_prof1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDiabetes & Your Feet
Exercising Good Judgment
David Andreone, DPM

Scardina-Ray-300x300-LWPA3451_pp_jj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAutism Spectrum Disorder
Is it a Growing Problem?
Ray Scardina, MD

Willis-Ted-RT-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDementia
Seeing it Before the Signs
Ted Willis, MD

olusula-e1452194714117-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCeliac Disease
Crazy New Fad or Serious Disorder?
Patti L. Olusola, MD

menard1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveVaccinations
You're Never Too Old
Ryan Menard, MD

goulden-e1452111150891-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHigh Cholesterol Foods
No Longer a Danger?
Dudley D. Goulden III, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveColon Cancer
Preventable, Treatable, Beatable

bratcher-e1452030184965-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDiabetes
New Year's Prediabetes Wakeup Call
Christina Bratcher, MD

Gerald-Brown-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveStress
More Dangerous Than You Think
Gerald Brown, PA-C

LWPB8002_Cade_Angela_CROPPED_EDITED_with_background_SQUAREjj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveThe Flu Shot
Why Get It?
Angela Cade, MD

Dr_Shannon_Glass-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDiagnosing Breast Cancer
Technology Is the Key
Shannon Glass, MD

Dr_Richard_Idell-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePre-teen Depression
Is it Real?
Richard Idell, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveLung Cancer
A Treatment Breakthrough at Last

DrAmberCook-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveChildhood Nutrition
What They Eat Matters Now and Later
Amber Cook, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveDementia
What Are the Different Types?

stocks-1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveRestless Leg Syndrome
The Rest of the Story
James M. Stocks, MD

DrAndrewRoberts-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveUrinary Incontinence in Men & Women
What Are the Options?
Andrew Roberts, MD

Andreone_David_phys_prof1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePodiatry
What Does a Podiatrist Do?
David Andreone, DPM

Fox-James-MD-e1452110851845-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveLung Cancer
Screening to Find it Early
James Fox, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveTummy Tuck
When Situps Won't Do the Job

 HealthConnection ArchiveSuperbugs
Join the Fight Before It's Too Late

 HealthConnection ArchiveSweet Dreams
How Sleep Can Be Better Than Ever

Gerald-Brown-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePneumonia & the Vaccine
Clearing Up the Confusion
Gerald Brown, PA-C

Swan-Amy-DO-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePalliative Care
Buzzwords or Real Quality of Life Improvement
Amy Swan, DO

 HealthConnection ArchiveDangerous Infectious Disease
Just a Plane Ride Away?

stocks-1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveSleep Deprivation
The Dangers of Insufficient Sleep
James M. Stocks, MD

COUCH_34-Square-Crop-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveRespiratory Failure
When Every Breath You Take is a Struggle
Leslie A. Couch, MD

wallace-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveEbola
Media Hype or Something More Serious?
Richard J. Wallace Jr., MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveCancer Risk
You May Be What You Eat

 HealthConnection ArchiveDepression
We're In a World of Hurt

philley-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePneumonia
When Pneumonia Walks
Julie V. Philley, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveTreating Allergies
A Safe Alternative to Shots

goulden-e1452111150891-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHeart Health
Work as Hard for Your Heart as It Works for You
Dudley D. Goulden III, MD

bosworth1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveSweat
How Much is Too Much?
Michele C. Bosworth, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveStress Incontinence
Managing an Uncontrollable Bladder

 HealthConnection ArchiveAcid Reflux
Don't Underestimate Acid Reflux Disease

shafer-e1452195537371-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveThe Obesity Paradox
A Myth For Diabetics
David R. Shafer, MD

COUCH_34-Square-Crop-100x100 HealthConnection Archivee-Cigarettes
Safe Alternative or Another Dangerous Addiction?
Leslie A. Couch, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveCancer Care
The Success Story of Declining Cancer Deaths

Wells-Don-MD-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveBreast Health
The Mammography Study Heard 'Round the World
Charles D. Wells Jr., MD

b_olusola-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveColorectal Cancer
Procrastination Can Be Deadly
Bolarinwa F. Olusola, MD

stocks-1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveNarcolepsy
New Answers to this Mysterious Disease
James M. Stocks, MD

Gerald-Brown-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveStress
More Dangerous Than You Think
Gerald Brown, PA-C

 HealthConnection ArchiveProstate Cancer
From Screening to Diagnosis to Treatment

daya-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAtrial Fibrillation
Do You Have Symptoms and Don't Know It?
Sam K. Daya, MD

goulden-e1452111150891-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHigh Blood Pressure
When Your Lungs Have High Blood Pressure
Dudley D. Goulden III, MD

stocks-1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePain and Sleep
The Effect Pain Has On Sleep
James M. Stocks, MD

shafer-e1452195537371-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveObesity
Genetics or Willpower
David R. Shafer, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveFish Oil Supplements
Friend or Foe?

 HealthConnection ArchiveLow Testosterone
Talk to Your Doctor First

 HealthConnection ArchiveCancer Q&A
Common Myths and Misunderstandings

 HealthConnection ArchivePelvic Pain
An Equal Opportunity Complaint

 HealthConnection ArchiveAnemia
More Common Than You Think

daya-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHigh Blood Pressure
Shake the Salt
Sam K. Daya, MD

bratcher-e1452030184965-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveYour Thyroid
Small Gland, Big Impact
Christina Bratcher, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveBirth Control
The Basics

Gerald-Brown-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveInsulin Resistance
The Road to Diabetes
Gerald Brown, PA-C

Levin-Jeffrey-300x300-LWPB6796_pp_jj-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveHeat Stress
Is Heat Stressing You Out at Work?
Jeffrey L. Levin, MD

smith-e1452195603146-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveCancer
Radiation Therapy for Cancer
Lewis G. Smith, III, MD

menard1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveVitamin D3
Starving for Sunlight
Ryan Menard, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveChildhood Obesity
Treatment and Prevention

olusula-e1452194714117-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveMetabolic Syndrome
What a Diagnosis Means
Patti L. Olusola, MD

hyman-e1452192149431-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveLung Cancer
East Texas Leads the State in Lung Cancer
William J. Hyman, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveBreast Cancer
Knowledge is Your Power

sharkey11-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAllergy Testing
What Are You Allergic To?
Paul C. Sharkey Jr., MD

 HealthConnection ArchivePap Test
Clearing Up Confusion about the Pap Test

stocks-1-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveInsomnia
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
James M. Stocks, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveWomen's Heart Health
A Heart Attack Every 90 Seconds

shafer-e1452195537371-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDiabetes
The Story Behind the Stats
David R. Shafer, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveBronchiectasis
When A Cough Becomes Chronic and Productive

 HealthConnection ArchiveBreast Cancer Surgery
Maintaining Breast Health

philley-100x100 HealthConnection ArchivePulmonary Hypertension
What Causes Pulmonary Hypertension?
Julie V. Philley, MD

olusula-e1452194714117-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveVaccines
Vaccines for the Whole Family
Patti L. Olusola, MD

Gerald-Brown-5x5-for-Web-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveWeight Loss
FDA-approved Weight Loss Drugs
Gerald Brown, PA-C

 HealthConnection ArchiveAlzheimer's
Are You at Greater Risk?

 HealthConnection ArchiveThe Sun and Vitamin D
How the Sun Boosts Vitamin D

 HealthConnection ArchiveDrug Shortages
Will They Affect You?

shafer-e1452195537371-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveDiabetes
The Link Between Diabetes and Other Diseases
David R. Shafer, MD

griffiths1-e1452111274661-100x94 HealthConnection ArchiveLatent Tuberculosis
More Common Than You Think
David E. Griffith, MD

goulden-e1452111150891-100x100 HealthConnection ArchiveAngina
A Pain in the Chest
Dudley D. Goulden III, MD

 HealthConnection ArchiveAlzheimer's and Dementia
The Impact as the Population Ages

 HealthConnection ArchiveHemorrhoids
Prevention and Treatment