Home Safe Home Video Series

People living and working in agricultural settings provide food and fiber for an entire country.  This lifestyle provides open spaces, idyllic settings, fresh air, and daily communion with nature.


Unfortunately, agricultural worksites also include hazards including large machinery and unpredictable livestock. We often hear producers say, “it won’t happen to me.” However, injuries  happen far too often to workers who said those same words. Workers can prevent tragic outcomes by preparing for the worst-case scenarios. All three videos in the Home Safe Home series  involve a farmer or rancher who was working alone when an incident occurred. They also admit that they should have waited to complete the task until help was available. The goal of this video series is to help other agricultural producers identify the unnecessary risks they are taking and make changes before tragedy strikes.

The Home Safe Home discussion guide, that accompanies these videos, is designed to facilitate conversations with peers, colleagues, friends, and/or family about safety in the agricultural setting. SAFE (Stop, Alert, Foster, Encourage) is a 4-part framework that can help guide a fruitful discussion around safety culture on the farm or ranch.

Episodes 1-3 focuses on how a farmer was impacted by a physical injury. Episode 4 focuses on mental health and how a farmer was impacted by suicide.

Episode 1- A Planter Injury with The Dineen’s

Episode 2- A Livestock Injury with The Cleere’s

Episode 3- A Livestock Injury with The Reed’s

Community Discussion Guide

Episode 4- Farmer Mental Health with Grant Heinrich

Community Discussion Guide | Mental Health

If you would like to submit a injury testimonial or have interest in sharing your story in front of a camera, please contact: Shelbie Lambert or call 903-877-1440