Learning Collaborative

The RHP 1 Learning Collaborative seeks to achieve regional impact through shared learning, community engagement, and celebrations of success.   We believe there can be great benefit to the region at large when stakeholders come together in activities designed to foster collaboration and dialogue geared toward learning and continuous quality improvement.

Region 1’s Learning Collaborative is an adaptation of the CMS recommended Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Breakthrough Series Model.  Through this model, participating providers develop specific shared goals for healthcare improvement at the organizational and/or regional levels.  Intended to be achieved in a short time frame (6-12 months), results are then shared throughout the region.

Cohort work groups aim to bring together DSRIP providers and other RHP stakeholders who have similar projects, goals, and interests in identified focus areas.  The objective of these groups is to foster collaboration through focused quality improvement activities in an effort to promote efficiencies and improve health care delivery and access throughout the region.

In addition, the Northeast Texas Regional Healthcare Partnership will come together biannually to share accomplishments, challenges, best practices, and to provide learning opportunities in the region between DSRIP Performing Providers, IGT Entities, and community stakeholders.

Learning Collaborative activities are open to all performing providers in the region as well as other interested stakeholders who would like to participate. To learn how to get involved, please contact us.