You may have already known that a poorly maintained piece of equipment can result in an unsafe work environment. It can also lead to an increased risk of injury or fatality. Preventative maintenance is an important component of owning equipment and machinery.

But did you know that the way machinery is repaired is important too? When making repairs on large or heavy machinery, make sure the proper safety steps are in place.

  • Always have someone with you or near by in case of an emergency.
  • Never rush your repairs.
  • Always turn the engine off and remove the key.

Implement Repair Safety

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Always remove the ignition key, disengage the power, lower hydraulics, and stop the engine before doing any repairs. Support equipment on blocks or stands. Do not rely on hydraulic hoists or cylinders. They are designed for lifting only and can fail without warning. When making repairs where equipment is propped up, ask for assistance in case the machinery comes off the blocks.



Power Take-off Safety



Now is the time to consider purchasing or installing a PTO master shield on your tractor. It covers and extends over the tractor PTO stub on three sides. The PTO can be one of the most dangerous parts of the tractor. Shafts rotate at a high speed. Most injuries occur when people get too close to a rotating shaft. Never wear loose clothing around PTO. Always disengage the PTO and shut off the tractor before dismounting the tractor.





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