Monthly Safety Blasts – Avian Flu Update

The following resources and in the links below address the current Avian Influenza outbreak. These materials have been prepared and reviewed by safety and health experts and are designed to assist your facility with:

  • increasing your understanding of the avian influenza virus and how it is spread;
  • training workers in prevention methods and how to recognize symptoms;
  • improving biosecurity;
  • identifying infected birds;
  • understanding the process of culling birds and;
  • choosing the correct personal protective equipment to properly protect your workers.


  1. Defend the Flock Resource Center, USDA APHIS (English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog)
  2. Information on Bird Flu, Centers for Disease Control (English, Spanish)
  3. Avian Influenza – Respiratory Protection Guidelines, NIOSH Agricultural Safety and Health Centers and AgriSafe (poster attached)

For additional information on biosecurity against infectious disease in your facility:

  1. Poultry Growers Facility Playbook, Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health and the UNMC Global Center for Health Security