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Idell-Steven-MD-150x150 Physician Finder Steven Idell, MD, PhD


Pulmonology (Lung Disease) /

Board Certifications:

Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Idell is both a pulmonary physician and a researcher, allowing him to span the gap between the laboratory and the patient’s bedside. He is internationally known for his research into the causes and treatment of pulmonary fibrosis, or lung scarring. A potential drug developed in Dr. Idell’s lab to treat lung scarring is currently being tested.

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Dr_Richard_Idell Physician Finder Richard Idell, MD

Specialties: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Board Certifications:


HealthConnection Episodes: Pre-teen Depression

Dr. Richard Idell is a behavioral health expert who specializes in adult and child and adolescent psychiatry. A native East Texan, Dr. Idell has a special interest in helping patients who have a type of depression that is treatment resistant, known as Treatment-Refractory Depression. His research efforts include new approaches for treating childhood depression, so that young people can live happier, healthier lives.

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DrHishaamIsmael-150x150 Physician Finder Hishaam Ismael, MD


Hepatobiliary Care (Liver, Pancreas, Bile Ducts, Gallbladder) /
Cancer Care /
Surgery /

HealthConnection Episodes: Pancreatic Surgery

Dr. Hishaam Ismael is an expert hepatobiliary (HPB) surgeon. He specializes in complex surgeries of the liver, bile ducts, and pancreas. He trained at MD Anderson and brings the newest surgical techniques to East Texas. He combines surgical oncology with HPB surgery and treats many gastrointestinal malignancies, including gastric and colorectal cancer. He utilizes minimally invasive techniques along with intra-operative ultrasonography for better outcomes.