Psychology Fellowship Faculty and Staff

Psychology Internship
Andrew L. Schmitt, PhD

Andrew Schmitt, PhD

Psychology Section Chief, Director of Neuropsychology
Psychology Internship & Fellowship
Phone: 903-877-8721
Stephanie Simmons, PsyD

Stephanie Simmons, PsyD

Program Director, Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology
Psychology Internship & Fellowship
Phone: 903-877-7679


Administrative Leadership

Supportive Faculty

The University of Texas at Tyler

Terrell State Hospital

      • Dorthy Floyd, PhD, Psychologist, Superintendent
      • William Thomason, PhD, Psychologist
      • John Kennedy, PsyD, Psychologist
      • Lorene Thompson, PsyD, Psychologist/Neuropsychologist
      • Brandi Ragsdale, PhD, Psychologist

Behavioral Health Integration Project, UT Health Science Center

      • Jennifer Peoples, MS, LPC

Palliative / Supportive Care, UT Health Science Center

      • Thomas Beets, MD, Palliative and Supportive Care, Director

Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, UT Health Science Center

Department of Family Medicine, UT Health Science Center