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2018 Collecting & Submitting Biothreat & Chemical Threat Samples

2018 PHLET Submission Information with Instructions

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Zika & Arboviruses

Testing of Persons Under Investigation for Dengue chikungunya and ZIKA at PHLET

Before sending any samples for testing, please call your local health department to coordinate testing. Information that will be requested includes:

The patient name and date of birth should be referenced on all communication related to the sample (information on submission form and sample must match)

Samples should be packaged as Category B infectious substance and shipped on cold packs or dry ice as appropriate

Testing is available free of charge when pre-approved by local health department

Helpful Links and Documents

Quantiferon TB Gold Testing

At the Public Health Laboratory of East Texas, we offer the Quanitferon TB Gold test for the detection of M. tuberculosis that requires a blood draw. Special tubes are required for blood collection; please contact us if you are interested in submitting patient samples for testing.

Important Notice Regarding Quantiferons Testing and Fees

Once a year we send updates regarding our quantiferon assay. Please review the resources and documents below regarding quantiferon collection. Also included is the most recent submission form. Please ensure you are using our newest submission form when submitting specimens.

A few important steps to remember when drawing quantiferon tubes:

  • Check the expiration dates of your tubes and do not use expired tubes. If new tubes are needed, call PHLET at (903) 877-5071
  • Draw tubes according to the document titled “Quantiferon TB Gold InTube Collection Procedure”
  • Quantiferon testing is $80.00 per test

If you have any questions or need more information about the Quantiferon IGRA assay, please contact PHLET at (903) 877-5071.

Quantiferon Helpful Resources and Documents

Influenza Surveillance Testing

The Public Health Laboratory of East Texas performs influenza testing as part of the state surveillance program. The testing offered includes the subtyping of influenza viruses by RT-PCR, and can detect Influenza A seasonal and pandemic subtypes, as well as Influenza B.

Specimens submitted for surveillance testing purposes are to be coordinated through local health departments. Testing is offered Monday through Friday.

Please see the link below for determining specimen requirements and submission procedures. Specimens must be accompanied by a completed DSHS G2A form or PHLET submission form. If you are not a current submitter to DSHS, please contact us so that we may establish you as a submitter to prevent testing delays. Specimens will only be received from current submitters.

Please contact PHLET at (903) 877-5071 if you have any questions about testing or sample submission.

Other Helpful Flu Links

Packaging & Shipping Resources

The experts at PHLET can assist you by providing education and information regarding the packaging and shipping of biological substances. Onsite training is provided on a regular basis to help you maintain your packaging and shipping certification. Check out our training opportunities to learn more. The following links are resources that can assist you in the packaging and shipping process.

Helpful Links

DG Job Aid Biological and Dry Ice updated MAY 2017 2

Division 6.2 Packaging and Shipping FREE online course

Dangerous Goods Declaration Tool, FX-18 recognized, provided by Saf-T-Pak

DOT Website

IATA Website

Guidance document from the Select Agent Program on preparing Shipper’s Declarations