Rural Psychiatry Residency Welcome

We are very excited that you are interested in learning about our rural psychiatry program!

Our first cohort joined in July 2021, with our first class set to graduate by 2025.

The rural psychiatry program has two primary hubs – UT Tyler Health Science Center during the first year and UT Health Pittsburg from the second year onward. Our goal is to give you a myriad of quality educational experiences but make the driving between locations as minimal as possible. Tyler rotations involve primarily the inpatient rotations as there are four units present and a psychiatric ER and while on these rotations you will be joined by the Tyler psychiatric residents as well. We are also partnered with two state hospitals – Rusk State Hospital and Terrell State Hospital and offer rotations on their acute, inpatient, child and forensic units. Another partner is the Cenikor Foundation’s substance abuse rehab/treatment center.

A unique aspect of the rural psychiatry program compared to the Tyler urban program is the experiences you will have in the rural environment. For instance, as part of your consultation service we provide telepsychiatry coverage for multiple rural hospitals in the UT System while providing a physical consulting presence at UT Health Pittsburg. Since telemedicine is making significant in-roads with rural medicine, we feel that it is vital you gain this experience during your residency. The outpatient experience during your third year will be 100% in Pittsburg, Texas, but will also involve the local mental health authority – Lakes Regional.

We are looking for residents with a great personality, who desire to practice in a rural area and want to be an expert psychiatrist. With our team, we can help you reach that goal!

Pittsburg, TX is a quaint northeast Texas town of 4,600 people which is one hour north of Tyler, TX and two hours east of Dallas. Pittsburg is known as the birthplace of Pilgrim’s Pride, the home of the “Ezekiel Airship”, and even has their own delicacy “Pittsburg Hot Links.” There is a local winery, nearby orchards, multiple lakes and state parks with numerous available outdoor activities.

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